Saturday, 9 August 2014

Church and Tower Open Day 2014

The Church and Tower held an open day today. The were a number of exhibitions in the church showing the different groups and who use the church, a number of which were manned by members of those groups. There was of the course the delicious refreshments available which many of the visitors took advantage of! The Bell Ringers of All Saints conducted Tower Tours throughout the day giving people the chance to watch ringing take place as well as take a look at the 6 bells of All Saints.
Although there wasn't as many people as we would have liked to have seen those who did come commented on how beautiful the church was and how it was lovely t be able to come in a take a look as they had passed it so often. Many people were also drawn to the day to take a look at the bells and find out what goes on to make the beautiful sound they love to listen to on Fridays and Sundays. A few even said they would like to come along and have a go at ringing.  

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